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Someday – (An Original Poem)

  Well it’s fine, it’s fine to be a lone wolf When you’re still young and your whole life Is still ahead But it’s not so fine, not so fine as time marches on And you’re getting closer To the end I hate, I hate the thought of you Sitting at home all alone For […]

Maybe I’m Fine

Maybe I’m fine Maybe I’m fine Donald Trump on TV ISIS on my mind I kinda think that Maybe I’m fine Flint Michigan water crisis Ghomeshi walks away Keyboard warriors on Twitter Have nothing good to say Everyone assumes that they know Just what is on my mind I’m starting to think that Maybe I’m […]


I only keep what I have earned That’s why my satchel is empty Only attack when it’s undeserved My strikes are always pre-emptive It’s counterintuitive It’s counterintuitive Always fight harder when the cause is lost I should fight hard to begin with I give up before the going gets tough There’s no honour in capitulation […]

I Can Hate Anyone in 15 Seconds

There’s a man sitting on the GO Train With his face buried in a magazine What’s he reading? Is it an article about world hunger Or just a piece about which Kardashian’s ass is bigger? I guess I won’t know He gets off at the stop before me Now’s my chance to grab his magazine […]


When I first saw you fight I was 7, I think I watched your first bout With Leon Spinks You lost that night It made me cry I was too young to even Understand why Even at that young age I could see The Greatness of Muhammad Ali I watched the rematch You won that […]

When I Die, I Hope You’ll Be There For The Resurrection

When I die, I hope you’ll be there for the resurrection. When it comes time to finally shed my skin The skin I was never really comfortable in I will lay dormant for awhile Until my time comes to reappear I will emerge from my cave Just like Jesus Christ supposedly did I will shield […]